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Five things I remember about Holi:

1. Colors: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green...you name it and Holi has got it. After all the festival is all about covering each other in all kinds of colors. I loved all colors except silver which seemed more like a chemical than color.


2. Ghujhiyas: As I am writing this, I can smell the whiff of ghujhiyas being fried. Most of the families have tradition to make ghujhiyas on occasion of Holi. It is one tasty treat made of patties stuffed with sweet filling. I remember my mom spending hours making the stuffing and I would always want to help. She would let me cut the stuffed ghujhiya patty on its side to give it its decorative edges since that was the easiest thing in the entire process.


3. Thandai: Can u imagine Holi without Thandai? Cool, refreshing drink made of Milk and dry fruits which is offered at almost every house you visit to wish a Happy Holi.  At times people mix 'Bhang' in it for the kicks which can make things even crazier. I definitely regret not experimenting with Bhang when I had the opportunity. I wish I can have some Bhang ki Thandai this Holi.


4. Milna Milana: Holi is all about people. The Holika Dahan evening kicks the festival off with the customary fire around which people gather to pray and then wish each other. That night I would lay awake for a long time in anticipation of the excitement of the next day. The morning will start off with neighbours knocking at the door to get everyone out of the house. People in groups go to everyone's house with colors and wish each other with the customary tilak, color each other...eat..drink and enjoy. Evenings are again meant to meet people outside of the neighbourhood and spending time with people who matter to you. I loved every minute of it.


5. The Carefree attitude: Holi does bring out the best and worst in people.  It will probably be the only time of the year where even the old let loose and let their hair down. They will be fighting to color each other, saving themselves from the color, calling out your name on top of their lungs, laughing crazily, dancing on the dhol n holi songs and not caring about anything under the sun. Even the most stern and anti social Aunties will be smiling away taking care of the sari's pallu when others drag them into the group of crazy people enjoying the 'I care not' attitude. I used to try to get away with every naughtiness under "Bura Na Mano Holi Hai" slogan :)
I specifically enjoyed watching my parents letting their hair down and enjoying the holi masti.


Wishing all of you a very Happy holi. Tell me about your favorite Holi moments.And dont forget to enjoy the Holi song from our own Blockbuster Sholay as its truly says "Holi ke din dil khil jate hain Rango mein rang mil jate hain" here:

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