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The Day Of Ma, Amma, Mummy, Aai, Ammi, Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…every retail store in US is trying to cash on this day, drown you in feelings of love for your mom, guilt of how you don’t give her back enough and encourage you to spend that cash you may or may not have to express your love and gratitude. But truly, what should this day really mean? Is it even possible to express your feelings by doing something special once a year for your mom? Now that I am a mother myself, I understand what being a mother means…it means putting your children’s happiness before your own. It means no matter how hard the day was, when she sees her children, a smile always overcomes the frowns on the face and no matter how tired she is, she wants to play peek-a-boo and any other game to make sure, her child smiles through out the evening, eat their healthy dinner and sleep with the sound of her lullaby or story narration, in her arms.. (even if it means asking the dearest hubby for a back rub or sitting in a massage chair later on).

It means always being suspicious of strangers…always feel a little guilty when she indulges in a little bit of ‘me time’ with friends or that occasional date night. It means never asking for something for her own self in prayers again. It means waking up at random hours in nights through their life…sometimes to ease out a scared child from a frightening dream, sometimes to see if the temperature in the room is appropriate, sometimes to check if the teenager is off the technology and is getting the rest he needs, sometimes to see if the ‘professional in the making’ doesn’t need hot chocolate while he is preparing for a big exam and sometimes to help the new mom-or dad take care of her grand child…mothering never ends.

How can we pay an ode to this amazing relationship by doing something nice just one day? What a mother does all her life can only be respected and appreciated when we show her that love and respect in some way all year around, though out our life. So what does a mother truly need?

Be Loving: Hugs and kisses when you are around…a phone call a day to tell her that you are happy, and find out about how she is doing when you are away, is really all she cares about…simple huh?

Show her Respect: She always has your best interests in her mind and heart. True, she may be out dated sometimes, she may not be abreast with your generation’s hopes and desires, in sync with today’s technology but still, if you are in sync with this generation, understand the technology today, can pay for it, then somewhere she has done her job right of parenting you. Always respect her for that, if you have to disagree then, disagree with respect and show that you know that she wants nothing but the best for you. If she doesn’t understand you…help her understand.

Appreciate Her: Appreciate all that she does in the front seat and behind the scenes too. The truth is, a lot of what you are not just in career, but in terms of personality too is because of how she raised you, what she taught you and what she believed in. You are in many ways, reflection of that upbringing she gave you by putting in all that time and effort. Appreciate her for that and for everyday mundane tasks…that she does out of love. The favorite dish she makes when you come home without even asking, how she keeps the room ready for you…how she knows what your needs and desires are, it is all because she loves you.

Get her involved: Now that you have grown up and have a life, don’t forget to keep her involved. She is very interested in knowing what is new at your end. Are you planning to buy a house, propose to your girlfriend, missing a friend…share your life and show interest in her life too. Encourage her to keep her passions and dreams alive even if she thinks she is a little old…get her to experience new things too. Help her overcome her anxieties and weaknesses and become her mentor in things that she can learn from you.

Be Thoughtful: Show her sometimes that you know her too, you care about her too…help her pursue something she gave up to be a mother, she forgot about when she got so busy in her domestic life, ask her about her childhood, her dreams, for once find out what she likes, what is her favorite dish, teach her about new technologies so she can be better connected, help her keep pace with your life and help her in her journey from being your mother to being your friend…

That truly will be a real ‘Mother’s Day Gift’…a mother honestly does not care for a spa gift card from a child who hasn’t called her in 3 months!!! It is the gift of love, care, respect and thoughtfulness, in little pieces everyday that she seeks. And a day of togetherness on Mother’s day will just be the icing on cake.

Here is a song that puts the ‘motherhood’ in true perspective J Enjoy and have a wonderful Mother’s day:

The Day Of Ma, Amma, Mummy, Aai, Ammi, Mother