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Make the best of your train journey

Going from somewhere to somewhere and have no idea what all to do on the train journey? Well, it is quite understandable that train journeys can be extremely adventures, fun as well as way too torturous and boring. It swings between both extremes. If you get stuck with a bunch of boring, loud or annoying people, then god only saves you. One must be prepared with sufficient things to pass time with when boarding a train. Maybe your next train journey could become fun if you followed these tips for a fun train journey!

- Have a good book: as they say, books are a person’s best friends! Don’t wait till you get to the platform for buying a good book as your travel companion if you are travelling alone, you might not get enough time to choose one. Or load up the e-book reader with all the latest titles’ pdf versions and have a quiet time. Carry one with you when travelling, to make the world fade away into the background and have a good, fulfilling time during the journey.

- Sleep and rest: who would not like to straighten their backs during the train journey? Take ample sleep, enjoy the cool breeze flowing through the bogie and have a relaxed time you crave for during the daily routine. You can snooze without any worries if your berth is confirmed till the destination. More fun to do some dreaming in the train during the lazy afternoon time.

- Play video games: Carrying your portable play station? Or game boy? Great idea! Do not forget the extra batteries for more fun! Play to the end of the game without any disturbance from the loud neighbors.

- Listen to music: i-pod full of new songs? Check. Smart phone loaded with latest tracks? Check. Headphones in place? Check. You are sure to have a nice time, lying on the berth with the blanket over your knees and the best soothing or dance numbers playing in your mind!

- Munch on good food: Carry snacks, water and munchies for the journey. Passing time on a train is a big deal sometimes; since there is nothing much to do you might feel hungry more often. Stack up on cookies, cakes, dry namkeen, fruits, paranthas, et al for a yummy journey.

ut many a times, the food one carries goes bad during a long journey. One may run out of enough food and snacks while the journey is still on. Going for the shady station food or the pantry car boring menu seems like a risky idea. If you want to have a fun journey full of good food, there is an option of train food delivery! One can pre-book whatever one wants to eat; pay online or cash on delivery and great quality food is delivered to the traveller on the berth itself! You only have to specify the travel details like train number, what station you want the food delivered etc. so convenient! One such website is

Enjoy the journey to the maximum and have a memorable vacation experience!

Author bio – Currently a travel writer with, the writer is also a travel food analyst and critic.

Make the best of your train journey