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Indian Fusion Cuisine

Everywhere we look today, the effects of Globalization are loud and clear. So how can food be left behind? Food enthusiasts love to experiment and combine Indian flavors with International cuisines. And out of such creativity are born dishes like Tandoori Pizza and Cranberry Chutney. That's really the essence of Indian Fusion Cuisine. So get creative, get messy and whip up some flavorful creations of your own that mix and match flavors from all over the world!! To get you started, here are some Indian Fusion Recipes that we love.

Oatmeal Pohe

Carrot Ginger Soup

Mango Crepe

Makhane Popcorn

Apple Kesari

Pumpkin Soup

Mango Pie

Cranberry Chutney

Black Bean Rice

Spicy Vegetable Frittata

Mushroom Fried Rice

Asparagus Koshimbir