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Besan Laddoo - Diwali Sweets

Besan laddoos are easy to make and relatively nutritious sweets. Kids love them!



4 cups besan

1 cup ghee

2 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Cardamom powder per taste

Raisins or cashew pieces for garnish

How to Make:

Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Add besan and start roasting the besan on medium heat. Initially, it will look have a "lumpy" look. As you continue to roast, the besan will start to homogenize with the ghee and achieve a shiny, pasty consistency. Continue roasting until the besan is golden brown in color and imparts a nice, toasty aroma.


At this point, sprinkle a little water, and let the mix cook as the water evaporates out. Repeat this one more time and turn off the heat. Let the mix begin to cool. When warm to touch, add the sugar and make laddoos. Garnish each laddoo with a raisin or a piece of cashew.