Wednesday, Aug 23rd

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Mango Mania

After coming to USA, we always talk about our Des (India). Everybody has a long list of things they miss about India. Our family, friends, festivals, food and Mangoes. Yes mangoes, the national fruit of India, the food of GOD. Everybody has so many fond memories associated with mangoes. Mango is a part of our rich culture. We use mango leaves for making torans with marigold flowers which are used to decorate the archways on festivals and even use it for Satyanarayan pooja with kalash.

We all love mango a lot and love mango in all its forms. Remember those days of eating sour, unripe mangoes with salt and chilli. There are so many popular dishes made with unripe mangoes which is known as kairi. In summer heat nothing is more soothing than the cooling summer drink called panna or panha. Different types of pickles, chutneys, methi-amba, chunda, moramba, aampapadi, ambapoli, etc. So many yummy dishes.  And to top it all, its the amaras, thick pulp/juice of mangoes . Every mango season I keep dreaming about eating aamras-puri.  OMG, really missing mangoes a lot.

Hence we thought of creating something special for our all our mango lovers. In this mango season, we will come with lot of mouthwatering mango recipes. So let's begin our journey...


Recipe 1 - Mango Sundae

Recipe 2 - Mango Lassi

Recipe 3 - Raw Mango Panha

Recipe 4 - Spicy Raw Mango Rice

Recipe 5 - Mango Crepe

Recipe 6 - Methi - Mango Pickle

Recipe 7 - Mango Shorba

Recipe 8 – Mango Margarita

Recipe 9 - Mango Pie

Recipe 10 - Amrakhand

Recipe 11 - Raw Mango & Cilantro (Kairi-Coriander) Chutney

Recipe 12 - Mango Beet Relish

Recipe 13 - Mango Mousse

Recipe 14 - Mango Salsa