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Dee gives this movie a thumbs up

Judging by the trailers Ishqiya seems like another Vishal Bharadwaj special. His recent track record is impressive (Kaminey, Omkara etc) so expectations are bound to be sky high. Though not directed by him, he has donned the mantle of music director, writer and producer of the movie. The music is already making waves for sometime now especially 'Dil tho baccha hai'. The cast is impressive & unusual with the versatile Naseeruddin Shah playing a romantic-at-heart crook, Vidya Balan cast as a Femme Fatale and Arshad Warsi showing his talent as a hot blooded stud. The movie has piqued my interest though the dialogs don't seem 'family friendly'. Have a feeling one will have to sit with a Hindi-to-English dictionary to truly understand all the 'gali galoch' (remember Omkara?)

Overall its worth getting your hopes up. My psychic powers tell me this movie will deliver on our expectations.

Till then enjoy the music!


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