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Kurukshetra – An Innovative Game

KurukshetraHave you ever wondered how it might have been to live in the epic ages? What would it be like to experience the greatest saga in Indian mythology, The Mahabharat? Well, now you can!

Ptotem Learning Projects, an up and coming learning initiatives company has created a new board game called Kurukshetra. We at Indya Unlimited had the opportunity to talk with the genius brains behind this concept, the husband-wife team of Arijit Lahiri and Kamalika Bhattacharya. Their passion and pride for the game was apparent from the get go. “Kurukshetra has been a labor of love for us”, declared the duo as soon as we sat down to chat...Arjuna

What is Kurukshetra and how do you play it?
Kurukshetra is a strategy game that can be played by 2 to 4 players. It is based on the historical 18-day war fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Players fight the Kaurava army to become the most successful Pandava general, while strategising with Krishna’s advice through out the game.
Faithful to the epic to the minutest details, Kurukshetra will transport you back to the epic times. Brilliant strategy and shrewd battle field moves kept the warriors alive in the war. Modern day players need to use the same acumen to be a winner.
The game set includes a game board, warrior cards, Kaurava army units, Krishna advice cards, dice and tokens. There are 18 turns representing 18 days of the war. The battlefield is in the center of the board, rimmed by the day-by-day fight schedule. Players take turns playing and the final score to determine the winner is based on soldiers left on the board, victory tokens, and unused Krishna advice cards.
More details about the game can be found at
The game can be purchased on Ebay or at Hamleys, Landmark, Crossword and neighborhood toy stores or at our ebay store.

BheeshmaThis is an exciting but complicated topic to handle. What was the inspiration and how did you go about developing the game?
We have always been fascinated by Mahabharat, especially the Kurukshetra war. The sophisticated strategy and tactics followed by these ancient warriors are absolutely amazing! There is a lot of learning to be gained from this topic, both for adults and children. And what better way to do that but play a fun game!
This concept has been on our minds for a while now but with full time jobs as Finance professionals, we never had the opportunity to pursue it. Finally, in the autumn of 2009, we decided to give it all. Both of us resigned from our jobs and founded Ptotem Learning Projects to pursue our first love. We conceptualized and designed the game, and now in collaboration with Toy-Kraft have brought it to the market.

What benefits can players experience from this game?

This game is recommended for ages 11 and up. It is a great way for kids to learn about Mahabharat and the Kurukshetra war. The game guide by itself is a nice summary of the topic, very easy to understand for kids. The design is very modern and the edgy graphics will very much appeal to the Xbox gaming generation. For the adults, it’s a wonderful resource to develop critical thinking and strategic thought process. Both young and seasoned business professionals will find it to be a good developmental tool. But above all, its pure fun for the entire family!

Tell us a little bit about your company Ptotem Learning Projects.

Ptotem is a privately held learning initiatives firm, started in 2009 by senior industry professionals from the fields of Business, Instructional Design, HR Management and Psychology.
We have three divisions – Games & Entertainment, Simulations and Assessments. Games & Entertainment division creates board games with a focus on cultural education. The Simulations division specializes in administering online simulations and workshops for training, learning and assessment. Today, we cater to many top-ranked business schools and corporate houses in the country for their learning needs. The Assessments division develops assessments using psychometrics and competitive workshops to map a participant's strengths, interests and styles. The output is used to guide development, career and job-role related discussions.

UpdeshAnd last but not the least, Kurukshetra was recently launched in the international market via the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Tell us about the experience.

The trip to Nuremberg was very enlightening. We realized that there is a huge international market for mythology-based games. Indian mythology is a relatively novice topic in the global market. We think this avenue is an excellent way to popularize the subject with non-Indian audiences.

We wrapped up the conversation on this exciting note and wished them good luck with the endeavor! 
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